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Simple Online Backup
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Back Up All Your Files

Restore Your Files Any Time

Easy to Install

Completely Secure

View Your Files Anyhere


“JumboSafe keeps a copy of your files securely online, and lets you view them from any web browser anywhere. You can install it in minutes, and once it’s installed it simply works in the background to protect your files.”


JumboSafe works quietly in the background without any prompt from you. It protects, backs up and stores your files as you use your computer. Don’t worry about confusing or complex installations or technical knowledge. JumboSafe does it all without you lifting a finger.


JumboSafe keeps your most precious memories and most critical documents safe in our secure cloud. We’ll automatically keep up to 30 previous copies of a file so that you can go back in time and restore an earlier version. We’ll also keep “deleted” files for 30 days after the deletion from your local computer.


 JumboSafe practices geo-redundancy! What the heck is that? Well, it means that we store multiple copies of your files under military-grade encryption to protect your privacy. You can restore the current version or a prior version of a file at any time. You can also view your documents and photos and stream your music and videos from mobile devices!